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Record it. Period.

This is me, Morgan, the girl behind the camera. I’m a lover of film, good coffee, comfy sweatshirts, the beach and my future puppy. Yeah I don’t have a puppy yet, but I’m already that girl who wants to frame photos of other golden retrievers to put it into the universe that I’m going to be the best dog mom. I’m weird, silly and geniune. I’d like to think I’m a extroverted introvert. I live in Annapolis, MD with the love of my life and I love this little city.

I first picked up a camera when I was twelve, my family and I share the love of flea markets so we would go to the Rose Bowl every first Sunday of the month. Which lead to the discovery of all of these gorgeous, heavy, film cameras. My dad had a couple of amazing point and shoot cameras and some very beautiful antqiue film cameras (I still have one, it’s a prized posession of mine). So I started with the little point and shoot cameras, documenting all that I could. Which slowly became a real passion, I studied photography at MICA, it was some the best years of my life learning how to print in a dark room and seeing my negatives come to life through trial and error. I got in solely because of a set of polaroids and since then I haven’t looked back. I have my family (Hi mom and brother pictured below) to thank, and my friends in my early years for putting up with me for taking photos of everything.

It’s as simple as this: I love, love. It makes my heart flutter seeing love, it’s the best thing in this world. Love for yourself, your partner, your family. It’s what makes the world go round.

So to conclude: Analog, digital, it doesn’t matter. You matter, moments matter. There are going to be really, real and tough times, but with all of my heart I want your photos to be a reflection of your incredible love for your partner or for yourself or for your family.

A saving grace that sparks soft smiles, slow dances in your kitchen, a knowing look, and a deep breath for all the years to come.