Record it. Period.

This is me, Morgan, the girl behind the camera. If I’m being honest, photography saved me. No cliche ifs, ands or buts. Back when I thought the answer was something at the end of a long road, or somehow out there out of my reach. But that’s life, we’ve all been there. But what did I always come back to? My camera.

There is something so simply stunning about a photo. It can mean so many different things to so many different people in so many different walks of life. A simple photo of the ocean (my favorite place in the world because of the sheer vastness of it) can spark joy, or nostalgia, or even faith for some people. But a photo of you and your loved one? That is a pure moment that is authentically yours and can mean everything and anything you want. That is something that you hold precious for years after you say “I do”. Looking at your photos will make you smile, they will make you remember even in those times when you’re lost. That is the outright, honest truth. Photos are truly amazing things. And I would be truly honored to be a part of capturing those moments.

It’s what saved me, photography is my love, my heart and soul. Let me share it with you so you can turn back time and share that moment, your moment, for years to come. Let’s record your love, let’s capture it together.

Analog, digital, it doesn’t matter. You matter, moments matter. There are going to be really, real and tough times, but with all of my heart I want your photos to be a reflection of your incredible love for your partner.

A saving grace that sparks soft smiles, slow dances in your kitchen, a knowing look, and a deep breath for all the years to come.